School has begun! Your lives are busy and possibly stressful. DO NOT FEAR!

You are part of the Valley Youth group and also Valley Community Presbyterian, the church. God is with you always, and your church and youth group are also here to support you on very stressful/tiring/difficult days and very joyful/exciting/carefree days, too, as well as days that are so strange that you can’t even use English language words to describe them.

Guess what? There are adults around, ready to lend a listening ear. They’ve been through middle school and high school and -guess what?- they survived! You will, too. There are also peers of people your own age who you can relate to. We are forming a kind, loving, accepting, and understanding community.

It’s not that any of us knows it all or has it all together, but we were created by a God who DOES know it all. Isn’t that COMFORTING?

As you go through this day, TODAY, know that God loves you, your church loves you and there are people at Valley who are your cheerleaders. We want you to be loved and to love others. We want to walk with you on your life and faith journey. Most of all, we want to figure out life and God and figure out how to thrive in our time here on Earth. Hope you’ll join us for this adventure!

We hope you like this new Valley Youth blog. Check here for all of the most up-to-date events (schedule-dates, times), announcements and resources/forms. We’d like feedback on what you’d like to add to YOUR blog. Thanks!



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