Oh, dear! I owe some people some donuts. If you came to the Chili Cook-off and were part of us raising $1230.46(!!), then I owe you donuts because I forgot my agreement with you (lack of coffee that day). We’ll do that soon…like this Sunday [AKA show up for Children’s Sabbath 10/19!]. = ) And, yes, it was completely *bonkers* awesome that we raised so much $$! Well done, you friendly youth people, well done!! And thanks to parents who taste tested and generously provided mucho chili-o…you are fancy.

1. We have stuff coming up…

Tomorrow Night 10/15: High School FAMILY in the Youth House at 7:00 (doors open at 6:30 for free time/games). 

  • We’ll chat, eat chocolate and talk about church in the real world. That’s 3 “ch’s,” in case you were counting. And I actually know the sign language signs for all 3 of those words. I’ll teach ya.
  • Bring a friend! Always welcome are you! -Yoda

This Friday, 10/17: Kids’ Night Out needs a couple youth helpers!

  • If you’re super responsible with kids and can run some Fall Festival games, please email Laurel to sign up! We’ll feed you (free) dinner, you’ll get to play with some fun kids, and you can even get volunteer hours! You can stay for all or part of 5:00 pm – 9:30 pm.

This Sunday, 10/19: Children’s Sabbath in 10:00 am Worship

  • Come support the littles and your awesome 6th grade youth as they lead Worship (song, dance, prayer, sermon, ushering, artwork and all!)
  • SCRIP Sales at 11:00 am in the Gym – Reminder: Sell/purchase SCRIP 8 (EIGHT) times to be able to go on the MS or HS Mission Trips! 
  • FIRST HS BIBLE STUDY on Faith/Religions–You’ve asked for it, so let’s learn about the world’s (and our friends’ and families’) own faiths/religions! We’ll meet monthly, have speakers, ask questions, and even visit places of worship! 11:45am-1:15pm in the Youth House. Bring $3 for a sandwich lunch.

2. Due Pretty Soon:

  • BY 10/15: Middle School MANIA Registration Forms + payment (see Resources/Forms page->http://valleyyouth.org/forms/)
    • A high-energy, really wonderful mash of middle school people in one place. So exciting, you’ll nap on the way home from Salem (but not me because I’m driving the church van. =) ) Friends welcome.
  • BY 10/25: High School CPYA Fall Retreat + payment (see Resources/Forms page->http://valleyyouth.org/forms/)
    • Super great time, meet fun people, eat yummy food, have a ball [just an expression…no basketball or football giveaways at the retreat, sorry]. Amigos always welcome.

3. Summer Plans for Everybody:

  • High School: By now, you might have heard that we’re going to Nicaragua for a mission trip with Seeds of Learning. If you know of any youth with an interest in going, please let me know! Laurel (at) valleycommunity . org -It’s not too late to sign up. Info here: (see Resources/Forms page->http://valleyyouth.org/forms/)
  • Middle School: We’re looking at going to northern (way-north) California with Sierra Service Project. Please check out the Info Form (see Resources/Forms page->http://valleyyouth.org/forms/).
    –Middle School Parents: please email Laurel (at) valleycommunity . org and let me know your thoughts/ideas/if this is a possibility for your family!! Est. cost: $400 (scholarships available)

Lastly, a note….for when life seems really, really, REALLY hard.


From: GOD!


Happy Tuesday! Hope to see you really soon!



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