What do California sunshine and a Jar-ry Jolly Holiday have in common??? Keep reading…

Coming Up…

10/22-HS Confirmation Class

  • 7:00-8:30 pm in Room 16 (last room on left in Children’s Hallway-near parking lot doors)

Oct 25-26- MS Mania Lock-in in Salem; drop-off & pick-up at the Valley Youth House

  • WE HAVE 2 SPOTS AVAILABLE IF YOU ARE ABLE TO GO! Email me (Laurel@valleycommunity.org).
  • 10/25 at 1:30 pm ~ Meet at the Youth House, load up the church van, prayer together
  • 10/26 at Noon ~ Pick up at the Youth House
  • To sign up: turn in the Mania Registration Form + $10/youth (see Resources/Forms page->http://valleyyouth.org/forms/)
  • Contact Laurel if you have any questions.
  • Wear: clothes to run around in
  • Pack: water bottle, athletic shoes, jacket, co-ed friendly pajamas, sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress/cot (optional), toiletries (no shower), clothes for church on Sunday morning, and a great attitude ready to meet new people and have fun!

10/29-ALL Youth at SCAT Food Pantry, 6:00-8:00 pm; drop-off and pick-up at the Youth House

HS: Have you registered for CPYA yet?

MS: Do you know our summer plans?

In 2 Sundays: Our much-anticipated Jar Assembly (and To-Go) Party! (All Youth + Parents)

  • Ever been to a party where you raise money, you assemble sweets and soups for Youth Mission, AND you get a youth t-shirt??? Well, come to experience the fun of a jar-ry jolly holiday!
  • PARENTS AND YOUTH (6th-12th grades) needed for this event!
  • Annually, the youth sell jars of soups and sweets during the holiday season. They make the best, most thoughtful and most appropriate (for those that you struggle finding a gift for) gifts for EVERYONE!
    • For $6-12 each, they are also an amazing deal! And it all benefits Valley Youth Mission trips and projects!!

What do our youth do in missions?

  • We build relationships with others, befriend the lonely, care for the hungry, comfort the sick, encourage the hopeless and show love to God’s people, all while being OUR GENUINE GOD-CREATED SELVES. We look to Jesus as the ultimate example.
  • We also learn, serve, listen, smile, question, and try to understand the vastness and awesomity [made-up word] of our God and our God’s Creation!
  • We discover that God’s Creation is so much bigger than our own selfish worlds, and we come together to Worship God and to give God praise for opening our minds and hearts during these special experiences!

How are we disciples each day? How can we genuinely show Jesus’ love to others without sounding a little strange? Can we share Jesus’ love without opening our mouths? Something to think about… this passage is nicknamed “The Great Commission,” the GO-BE-DO instructions Jesus gave his slightly confused, well-meaning disciples in Israel:

from Matthew 28:16-20……….


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