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Commercials and ads for Holiday Cheer are everywhere…on November 17th. That’s 10 solid days before Turkey Day, and the Christmas hoopla started well before Halloween in some places. Why is that???

It’s easy to get annoyed by all of the IN YO’ FACE ads for new electronics, new toys and BUY-BUY-BUY. What is it about the Christmas season that gets people so nutty and willing to spend lots of money on red cups of cheer at coffee shops and Santa-worthy explosions of gifts?? God’s people get really, really excited!

We can’t help our excitement, but we can blame it on God. You see, God started telling us (okay, not you and me, but those OLD Old Testament people with long, crusty beards and dusty robes, like Moses and such) that this King of Kings would be coming one day. “At the name of Jesus, every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus is Lord of All!” That’s from Philippians 2:10-11 in the Bible, but it’s also referencing back to Isaiah in the Old Testament. Since God told them Jesus was coming so long ago, we have generations of people in the past who were EXCITED about Jesus’ Birth. They had been waiting and waiting and waiting…and Jesus finally came! They were so excited, they couldn’t contain themselves!! Their prayers to God were FINALLY answered, and the Messiah (in the form of this tiny baby) came to SAVE US. 

You’d be excited, too, if you were Moses or Isaiah. Maybe you’d be SO THRILLED ABOUT JESUS that you’d buy a $5 fancy whipped peppermint mocha caramel toffee latte. Or maybe even a PS4 or a 72″ crazy-big television. Yes, the excessive gifts are *BONKERS* (Jesus is a way better gift than an iPhone), BUT the EXCITEMENT and ANTICIPATION of celebrating Jesus’ Birth is totally LEGIT. And God loves that. We call that Butterflies-in-your-stomach-can’t-sleep-on-Christmas-Eve-night-even-one-wink ADVENT SEASON. It’s about the anticipation, the excitement, and the hope that Jesus is God’s amazing-awesome GIFT to all people. God gifted us with Jesus, who forgave all of our sins by sacrificing his life on the cross. WOW.


An Advent Calendar will be sent out to you next week. It will be full of ADVENT-EXCITING things. Use it each day from November 30 – December 25. Keep this in mind:

  • Each time you see an ad for a Christmas gift (like that XBox One or Car you’re drooling over), take a second to thank God for the most-amazing-gift-ever that is Jesus.
  • Every time you put on your coat or boots or really awesome colorful winter socks, say a little THANKS to God for blessing you with heat, a home, an education, and people who love you to the moon and back. This is a good challenge for youth and adults. (hint, hint)  = )

And here’s what is happening the next 2 weeks:


Wednesday the 19th-Confirmation Class 7:00-8:30 pm @ Room 16

Friday the 21st- Sunday the 23rd- HS CPYA Fall Presbytery Retreat at Aldersgate

  • Meet at Valley’s Youth House at 5:00 pm on 11/21; Return to the Youth House by 3:00 pm on 11/23
  • If 5:00 is TOO early to get there, please let me know ( or call!)

Sunday the 23rd-Sell Jars & SCRIP at Coffee Fellowship (after 10 am Worship) — be sure and sign-in to get credit!

26-Thanksgiving break–No Wednesday night activities


Wednesday the 3rd-MS LIFE 7:00-8:30 @ Youth House (doors open at 6:30 for drop-off/games free-time)

Wednesday the 3rd-Confirmation Class 7:00-8:30 pm @ Room 16 

Friday the 5th-Volunteer Opportunity at Kids’ Night Out, 5:00-9:30 pm (any block of time); sign-up with Laurel

You are wonderfully made by God. You have been given a purpose on this Earth, to love God’s Creation and to look to God for guidance every day. And the adults in your life get to see you grow in God’s love…and we are honored. You are amazing, and so is God for making you.



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