No, we don’t usually have a 10-9-8 countdown until December 31st, but we should consider starting the Saturday night after Thanksgiving. After all, it’s HAPPY NEW YEAR on Sunday for our church year. Did you know that?

Advent is about God’s amazing gift of love and sacrifice, all bundled up in the form of a squishy, smiley little baby named Jesus. He was a human baby and yet God, too. It’s pretty wild, right? Yes, it’s true, somebody had to teach Jesus how to count his fingers and his toes. Someone had to teach Jesus (God!) how to read and tie his sandle/shoe and even how to “drive” a donkey. God gave us such an amazing gift in Jesus.

That little Jesus child is our fresh start in life. Push aside all of the hurt and pain and stress from life, and focus on the joy and love and adoration that Jesus feels for you. Jesus loves you more than any friend could love your latest Instagram selfie (even if you DO have 1,200 likes). Jesus even loves you more than your great aunt who always pinches your cheeks when she sees you (eek). You are loved. You are special. 

So Happy New Year’s Eve, my friends! Consider this your fresh start to live life FULLY, learn a TON, and love yourself and each other BUNDLES. God bless you.


Coming Up:

  • 10:00am Worship & Sunday 6:08 (pm) Worship tomorrow, 11/30. Advent will begin, you know, New Year’s!
  • Coffee Fellowship (11-ish am) is where we’ll sell Gift Jars, SCRIP and (HS only) pre-sales for Cookie Trays (pickup 12/14).
  • 12/3/14: MS LIFE – Mission Project, games, tubular fun!  7-8:30 pm in the Youth House
  • 12/10/14: HS FAMILY – Mission Project, happiness, togetherness.  7-8:30 pm in the Youth House
  • 12/17/14: ALL YOUTH CHRISTMAS PARTY at Washington Square Mall. It’s a Scavenger Hunt! 6:00-

    Meet at this entrance!! Drop-off and Pick-up here!

    8:30 pm MEET inside the mall entrance by Cheesecake Factory at 6:00 pm!! Call/email Laurel if you need a ride. Drop-off and Pick-up at Washington Square Mall in Tigard (West entrance of mall–facing 217 and next to Cheesecake Factory & Macy’s)
    • I need any/all adults available to help with our Mega Blowout Scavenger Hunt. Please email Laurel@valleycommunity.org or call to sign-up. Thank you!!


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