Hi, Valley Youth Families!

I just had an EPIPHANY…it’s Epiphany Day…think the (maybe more than) 3 Kings/Wise Men traveling to see toddler Jesus, following a majestic star to get there. Welcome to the Epiphany, an amazing time that we celebrate the GREAT news of Jesus’ birth and life and such. A star got those wise guys to see Jesus…it might have even been a comet! But it was bright and better than any Map app on our phones. And, sure, the Wise Men probably had cool gadgets like Batman, but no gadget in the world could compare to that crazy-awesome star that guided them for 2 years or so. God made a super star.

Okay, enough about Batman. HOW ARE YOU?? How is your 2015? I’ve gotta say, the stars are bright tonight, and this is going to be a great year. Will it be an adventure? Yep. Will there be some challenges along the way? Sure. But you know what? God is here, right now, with each of us, and we’re going to survive and even thrive through 2015 together. Woo hoo! Amen.

Let’s see what’s up for the next 3 (THREE!) weeks:

The Trilogy

This Week:

  • Wednesday, Jan 7 
    • Confirmation Class (7:00-8:30 in Room 16) Confirmation: awesome plans with Rebecca, good learning and discussion around the sacraments.
    • Youth Group (both Middle School & non-Confirmation High School!) (7:00-8:30 in the Youth House). Youth Group: “What’s the point of church?” – an activity and chat about tradition and the role of faith communities; we’ll play a game, get to know each other and have hot chocolate. It will be delightful.  = )
  • Sunday, Jan 11 – Worship
    • SCRIP Sales at Coffee Fellowship
    • 11:45 am – High School Mission Trip Meeting #2 (SUPER IMPORTANT!) in the Youth House; bring $3 for lunch

Next Week:

  • Monday, Jan 12 – Christian Nurture for Youth Committee Meeting at 5:30 pm in the Youth House (This is a monthly thing but a different day this month.)
  • Wednesday, Jan 14 – Youth Group (Middle AND High School; 7:00-8:30 pm in the Youth House) tie dyes it up! Rebecca is leading our awesome Tie Dye Extravaganza! Bring 1 item to tie dye (like a t-shirt or pillowcase or a PAIR of socks–check with your parents first), and we’ll tie dye fabric for an upcoming Youth Mission fundraiser. No $$ needed.
  • Sunday, Jan 18 – Youth~Minute for Mission in Worship (We’ll talk about SCRIP + Fred Meyer Rewards fundraisers…email me is you’re interested in being a part of this announcement…Laurel@valleycommunity.org)
    • SCRIP Sales at Coffee Fellowship
    • Sunday 6:08 ~ Special Justice Worship with soup dinner to celebrate MLK, Jr. day and his message of justice.

In 2 Weeks:

  • Wednesday, Jan 21 – ALL Youth + Confirmation Class –> Youth Sunday Planning Workshop (7:00-8:30, Youth House). 

    • We get one special Sunday each year to lead our church family in the entire 10:00 am Worship! Adults and little kids LOVE seeing you on this day greeting/reading/praying/sermonizing/musicaling/sharing/loving/leading! You each have wonderful and soon-to-discover gifts to offer to God through leading Worship. Let’s find out what your own gifts are…come tonight to help us plan Youth Sunday! (Confirmation Class + HS Mission Trip Team have committed to be a part of this. See you there, friends!) Snacks and super fun will be free of charge.  = )
    • If you CAN’T ATTEND this workshop, please email Pastor Rebecca (Rebecca@valleycommunity.org) and me (Laurel@valleycommunity.org) your preference of parts/responsibilities BY JAN 19. (See options above, like greeting/usher, liturgist, etc.).pancake-wonderful-king-cake-decorating-idea-with-white-cream-yellow-green-purple-sprinkles-small-plastic-baby-on-the-blue-crown-and-purple-yellow-green-necklaces-adorable-king-cake-decorating-ideas
  • Sunday, Jan 25 – Worship +SCRIP Sales during Coffee Fellowship

Have you ever had King Cake? I think Rebecca shared some with us 2 years ago…shall we have some again? TODAY (Epiphany) is the official day to enjoy King Cake, but I’ll bring some super soon.

Feeling overwhelmed by your brand new school semester??

Lamentations 3:22-23
22 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases,
    his mercies never come to an end;
23 they are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.

Happy Week!!



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