Chocolate Cake and Stamps

**Middle School Youth: Register for Pi Day Lock-in by 2/28!! Info here:

rebecca quilted

We had so much chocolate cake yesterday. It was a Sunday of celebrations. 

  • We celebrated the time, energy, heart-work, and hard work that you put into making Youth Sunday meaningful and Worshipful. Thank you.
  • We celebrated our 4 1/2 years with Rebecca, our Youth Pastor and leader. She has put her heart into making our church vibrant, and she loves you guys so very much. She will be missed. 
  • We celebrated God, who gave us this group of people (you!) who are young in age but wise in your view of the world. We respect what you think, what you say, and we’re so thankful that you are leaders here, in this place. 
  • I celebrate how much I learned from you yesterday. Thanks for that.
  • (And, because this is just a bonus, our Youth Sunday’s Youth Mission offering yesterday brought in $1,400. Wow, somebodies think you’re grand!)

A GIFT requiring STAMPS: And we are mailing something out to you today…a Lent calendar. It’s a gift, not a homework assignment. (If you DON’T receive one, email me-Laurel!)

  • WARNING: If you follow this Lent calendar each day until Easter (April 5th), you will change. You’ll look at life a little differently, and you might even be aware of God’s presence and God’s guidance in your own life. It’ll be kind of amazing and life-changing. So, you’ve been warned. 
  • Once you get the calendar in the old-fashioned mailbox (I know, it’s old school.), tape it to your wall or magnetize it to your fridge and follow along. God has something to tell you; I’m not sure what it is, but I think this calendar will help each of us figure some of it out. Hope you’ll join your other youth on the Lenten journey that our sermonizers talked about yesterday. !

And now for this week’s happenings…

Wednesday, 2/25: Youth Group + Confirmation Class at 7:00 pm

Sunday, 3/1 (March, what!?): 10:00 am Worship + HS Bible Study + Coffee Fellowship/SCRIP Sales

Coming up…. 

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