Mr. and Mrs. Bell were my 2nd grade Sunday school teachers all year. They taught our rambunctious class of 12 kids the books of the Bible in song form. It took ALL YEAR. I paid attention in class, was an “A student” and pretty much tried to be the teacher’s pet. But Brian, who ended up being one of my closest buds, leaned back in his chair, yawned loudly and exclaimed, “BORRRING!” Mr. and Mrs. Bell were pretty much saints for putting up with us.

Little did I know how much I’ve actually USED those 2 little songs (1 for the Old Testament, and 1 for the New Testament). What seemed like just another school homework assignment to memorize those 66 books of the Bible…well, it totally changed my life! I was no longer intimidated by this giant, thick book that’s heavy enough to be a door stop. I knew how to say “Habakkuk” and “Zephaniah” [and Zeph does, too!]. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

And then, when I went to college and had the most selfish, annoying roommate in my freshman dorms in the tiniest room known to man, I actually cracked open my Teen Study Bible and found something, ANYTHING, to read as a prayer…you know, to keep me from strangling her. (Just kidding-ish.) That brick of a book actually held meaning inside of it. Sure, there were war stories and strange characters contained in the very thin pages, but I knew during a really awful semester that God was trying to show me stuff and that I wasn’t alone.

I’m not here to preach at you. You are figuring out life, and you are doing it well! My job as your Youth Minister is to listen to you and share some life tools with you that you can add to your tool kit. It doesn’t even feel like a job…it’s more, like, people made sure I had some of these tools, and I care about you guys so much that I want to share this bit that I’ve learned. Soo…I suggest/request we learn the books of the Bible!

It’s a place to start with this giant, door stop of a book. The Bible is also the main written guide we have from GOD…whoa. So could you make a pizza from scratch without knowing what these words are: flour, dough, oven, cheese?? I think not. The same goes for the Bible. Knowing who Zephaniah is (the ancient one) and where you can find Paul’s letters to churches is an important part of the deal. And, let’s be frank, all of my Jewish and Muslim friends know their “Bibles” so much better than me. They encourage me to step up my game, sharpen my skills.

Wanna join me on a SUMMER CHALLENGE? Okay, the kids of Valley are memorizing the books of the Bible (and, yes, Olivia from our team already has them memorized!). They’re going to show us up if we don’t learn them. So let’s learn them! (through games, music, fun and youth-level craziness)

Sign up for the SUMMER CHALLENGE HERE:: 

What: Learning the Books of the Bible (66 total)

Deadline: Sign up by May 31; Learn the books by July 17!

Prize: A free trip to somewhere amazing as a group! (water park, a beautiful spot in Oregon, etc.)


TOMORROW, April 29-ALL YOUTH: SCAT Food Pantry, 6:00-8:00 pm

  • Meet at the Youth House, end at the Youth House

 May 2015:

*Every Sunday at 11:00 am: SCRIP Sales & Jar Pre-Sales for Youth Mission Fundraisers*

3-ALL YOUTH: Youth Mission Fundraiser: Pancake Breakfast, 8:00 am – 1:30 pm (Worship break in-between)

  • ALL YOUTH–please plan to help out! If you come at 7:30, you’ll get a coffee (or other fun beverage) for free!
  • We need SCRIP sellers, ticket sellers, waiters for the tables, decorators for the tables and pancake flippers. YAY!

6-All Youth Group, 7:00-8:30 pm

13-All Youth Group, 7:00-8:30 pm


  • We have an UPWARD family whose grandparents run an orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal called “Mendies Haven.” Please pray for the victims of Saturday’s horrendous earthquake and for the Mendies family, as they care for their community.
  • We can give thanks to God for the Mendies and others, like MercyCorps, who work and care for the people of Nepal every day of the year. Because of their consistent presence, suppies, and relationships, they are able to help immediately and be attentive to God’s hurting people at this time.




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    Love that you keep us in the loop and share your story!

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