People. Let’s move.

  • Not across the globe (although Australia or Japan would be fun)
  • Not across the country (although DUMBO in Brooklyn can’t be beat)
  • And not even across Portland (although our new friends in NE would be great neighbors)

Let’s move beyond ourselves,

  • Beyond my own little {insert your name here}’s world
  • And beyond our comfort zones.
  • Sooo we’re moving! [No boxes or packing tape required]

We’re moving to a place of love and acceptance and pure joy/warmth/relaxation when each of us enters a room. Where we feel at home and super comfortable, yet totally stretched and challenged to grow, too. Where you and I and all of us feel totally accepted and feel totally ready to try something different and new. A place that we’re proud of, to call our community, a place where we want to share with new and old friends. A place to collaborate with God’s global people. It’s our place, our church home, and home is a good place to start moving.

Up for it? Stay tuned for this Fall’s plans. It’s going to be bonkers-good. {That’s really, really good!}

Here’s what I can reveal now…

  • Youth Takeover {Youth take over Coffee Fellowship} – Aug 23
  • Recommitment Sunday + Blessing of the Backpacks/Tablets {summer’s ending but the Fall Fun begins!} – Sept 13 at 10:00 am
  • THE BIG MEETING {youth and parents’ annual meeting} – Sept 20 + Youth Mission Sunday- UPCOMING email about this!! All upcoming 7th-12th grade youth: meet at church at 8:00 am.
  • Youth Choir & Bells Begin – Sept 27
  • High School Triennium at Purdue University – July 19-23, 2016

Man, this summer has been so full of amazing things. I spent lots of long {sweaty/awesome/sunny} days with quite a few of you, and I think we’re closer now. For those that I didn’t have the honor of seeing as much this summer, wow, I can’t wait to see your face more in the Fall! You each are incredible. God knows it. Now it’s my/our turn to see your incredible selves, too. Let’s get moving.

Much love to you,



  • benparoulek

    Yes! Lots of excitement. Rock on!

    • valleyym

      Thanks, Ben!!

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