Have you ever met someone who was colorblind?

We all go about our day and -suddenly- we see the coolest, most colorful sunset/mountain/bird/dance move/person/image we have ever seen. We are amazed! We tap our friend’s shoulder to look, too, but they just see shades of grey. Bummer.

The two most common colors to lose for a colorblind person are red (protanomaly) and green (deuteranomaly). Know of anything super red and green, like the entire Christmas season? That’s where I think people who are colorblind might be fortunate.

You see, they don’t see the vibrant, beautiful red-ness of globes handing on giant green Christmas trees. The ads and the shops and the obsession with holiday gift-giving might not be so tempting to someone who sees wreathes and bows as grey, like storm clouds on a rainy Oregon day. Maybe they just see the holy miracle of Jesus, a baby God gave us to erase all of our wrongs, mean moments, hateful actions and truly shameful acts in each of our lives. Our colorblind friends just see a lot of grey, giving their eyes room to see the beautiful colors in people who share love and kindness and open-mindedness to all people they meet. I like this Bible verse because it shows me that all things are made beautiful by God, the inventor of color.


This world has lots of grey…not just the color grey, but our lives are full of uncertainty, sometimes confusion and even some frustration, too. Not everything is “black or white,” with very clear answers of how we should decide and live. But it’s okay to have grey. When you’re wrestling with something or struggling, think of the colorblind folks of the world. They see grey, but we can all BE COLORFUL. Share your color, your love, and your true self by being vibrant, colorful, beautiful to others. You were made by God, and God made you beautifully. Be vulnerable and open your heart up to new experiences. Great things could come! We all have rough days, but choosing to be colorful makes each day better and makes each of us better people. And I think Jesus’ legacy is pretty colorful, too.

I hope you’re having a great week. You are loved. Hope to see you soon. Check your mailbox this weekend…calendar coming!



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