Hello, Youth + Families!

–> THIRD DAY CONCERT–Text/email me by TOMORROW, 9/24, if you want to go!!!! $15 per person

–> SIGN UP for FALL YOUTH CON (formerly known as CPYA), the fall retreat for grades 6-12!  

–> SIGN UP for NIGHT STRIKE (Oct 8, details below) by WEDN, 9/30! Youth, friends and parents/grandparents are invited for this amazing mission opportunity!!

Coming up…

SEPT 27: Worship(in the balcony) and Youth Handbells and Choir BEGIN in the afternoon!!

  • Bring your Bible for a treat in the Balcony Clubhouse at 9:50!*** (Let me know if you need a Bible.)

 30: Mission Opportunity–help with carnival games at Valley Christian Preschool’s annual Ice Cream Social!

  • Arrive in the gym by 5:15 p.m., help with games and fun and ice cream and such. RSVP to Laurel!
  • The Preschool is a ministry of our church, and we want to make sure all of these families know that Valley is a place for them to feel at home, welcomed and loved. Let’s do that!


4: Worship; Extend the Table after Worship (lunch + intergenerational games)

  • Bring your Bible for a treat in the Balcony Clubhouse at 9:50!

8: Night Strike!

  • Meet at the Youth House at 6:15 p.m.
  • (Donate new socks; dog food OR coffee OR hot cocoa in bulk containers. If you’re able to donate one or more of these, bring them with you! Wear closed-toe shoes.)
  • Pick-up is 10:15-ish (no school the next day for most of you!). RSVP with LAUREL (at) valleycommunity (.) org by 9/30!

Ever think about how important socks are?

I don’t until I miss them. Like when I forget to pack them for a trip or for camp. Or when I go to the gym with shoes and no socks. Or if one of my socks has a giant hole in them that keeps getting bigger throughout the day. 

Socks are so important. They keep your feet warm and dry (helping your body and immune system stay strong), they bring comfort, and they let you do this, which I just learned how to do Monday:


Socks are great! And when I worked with homeless guys in campsites in Texas, guess what they appreciated so very very much? SOCKS! See, even these men that had been houseless for 25 years, who couldn’t remember one day of their recent lives feeling safe and secure (no lock on their door because they had no door or a roof), fully appreciated the warmth and comfort of clean, comfy, warm socks. Socks are great. (You can donate socks to Night Strike for the homeless on Oct 8, if you’re able.)

Happy Birthday, John!

The weather is changing, and it’s feeling a little more like Fall and Summer. So, when you put on your socks, think about what a blessing a simple pair of socks is. What are other comforts that you get to enjoy in life, much like socks? What makes you feel warm and safe and secure? Name five comforts in your life (like a journal, bedroom door, friends, your favorite hoodie)

and stop for a minute to thank God for those 5 comforts. You are truly blessed (Remember what blessed means from youth group last week? EXTREMELY HAPPY, Makarios in Greek)!!

Let’s pay attention to our blessings. And if you are ever having trouble thinking of your blessings, see who Jesus names as blessed in the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:1-12. (Meak=not weak, but self-assured and fully content with life. If everyone we knew was MEAK, this would be a crazy-awesome-full-of-community kind of life.) We are blessed.

Much love,



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