Did you see the supermoon last night? It was pretty amazing…bright orange and then it was as bright as the street lights. Wow!

We worship a Superman. Not the one with the blue suit and red cape, but Jesus. He really is quite super, when you think about it.

Do you know anyone in your life who is…

  • Always the wisest person in the room

  • AND the most humble?

  • The most patient person you know

  • AND the one quick to make things right, perform miracles, mend broken hearts.

  • The best friend you could ever imagine

  • AND never expects anything in return (not even to borrow your cute skirt or your new video game).

  • The kindest, gentlest, most protective, giving person ever

  • WITH the biggest strength against injustice, hate and crimes against others.

  • Willing to give up anything for your freedom and joy,

  • EVEN ultimately giving up His perfect life/personality/mind/heart??

Yeah, Jesus really is Superman. And He’s also the kind of Superman without a weakness (like kryptonite). He’s also willing and glad to be with the “least of these” from Matthew 25:40.  In fact, if He was in town next Thursday night, I’m pretty sure He’d enjoy being at Night Strike with us. Since we know Jesus isn’t physically around right now, WE WILL just have to STEP IN & BE JESUS NEXT THURSDAY. Are you up for the challenge?


  • love boldly
  • care deeply
  • and listen carefully to all people.
  • attempt to be the love that Jesus wants to be.
  • be open to experiencing Jesus’ love in the faces of the houseless and housed people next Thursday night.

Will you join at Night Strike next Thursday night? (You probably don’t have school that next day, so yay!) It’s an experience like no other, and we will be able to live as the radical/amazing/love-ful Jesus that truly exists in each of us.

*******Email me (Laurel at valleycommunity .org) to go to Night Strike…gotta sign up…I turn in all of our names on Wednesday, 9/30.


  • Sunday October 4: Our first-ever EXTEND THE TABLE (lunch + fun with ALL generations)! In Armitage Hall around 11:30ish.  = ) Come hungry (with $3 if you can).

 Happy Monday, friends!!


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