a 2 minute video

Hi, Valley Youth + Families!

Wow, a new Valley youth update video!!!

YOUR 2-minute youth update VIDEO!

look above! click on the link for a fun video! (email/text/etc with the answer to the questions!)

Let’s try something new, shall we? What is this video I speak of???


  1. Youth Group TOMORROW NIGHT…7pm in the youth house. It’s going to be superkali-awesome!
  2. Mission opp: Kids’ night out on Saturday night, 10/17…5:30-8:30 (free dinner + dessert + workout from kid chasing)–lemme know if you can come! (friends welcome).
  3. Note: As a reminder for those who’ve signed up for the Third Day concert…tix are $25, which is an increase from the original amount. Pay what you can when you can.  = )  Excited about this!
  4. Have you signed up for the FALL RETREAT????

    –> SIGN UP for FALL YOUTH CON (formerly known as CPYA), the fall retreat for grades 6-12!  Deadline: Nov 1!!!!

  5. For King and Country…one of the singers totally stood on my chair at a concert a few nights ago. He was sweaty, and my head was at the right height to keep him from falling, like a stair handrail, so that’s cool. It’s good to be short sometimes.
  6. That’s all for now. Watch the video! See you tomorrow night! Or Saturday night! Or both! And Sunday is full of mac and cheese goodness!!!!

Happy Tuesday! You are loved by God (and us)!!



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