Some of you wore your Ugly Sweaters to church Sunday…nailed it! You expressed yourself in ways only our Youth Group can appreciate. I’ve never noticed jingle bells or “reindeer sneezes” on sweaters during Communion until now. And it was awesome, ha.

Are you guys staying semi-dry? Many apologies to those with flooded basements…yikes! The Youth House basement only has enough water in it for a splash fight…no Christmas swimming. Sorry to disappoint you.   = )

Here is what is on the horizon…

SATURDAY – December 12: Assemble Cookies Trays for TOMORROW’S FUNDRAISER!!! – Noon-2:00 pm, lunch included

  • All Mission Trip & Triennium attendees needed!

13: Pageant of the Holy Nativity in Worship at 10am (bring your Bible for treats in the balcony!) + FUNDRAISER: Cookies for Christmas! (11:00-12:30) in the Gym

  • Mission Trip & Triennium attendees needed! 
  • We’re now accepting credit cards! (It’s a Christmas miracle!)

19: Youth Christmas Caroling and Party!! Begins at 5:30 in the Youth House, 5:30-10:00 pm!

  • Wear your ugly sweater!…a night of surprises and adventures…food, fun, (friendly) mayhem! Party hosted at the Carlsons’.
  • We’ll start with cookies, cocoa and caroling. Parents are welcome to come from 5:30-7, but then we must ask you to leave. Youth-only partay.

22: Valley Young Adults’ Christmas Party (for 18-23 year olds) in the Youth House, 6:30-8:30 pm

  • HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH: Could you help us serve dinner to our college students/young adults, please?? Text Laurel if you can help; you can eat, too. Thanks!


You know, sometimes our basements flood.

Sometimes things happen in life that make us rush to pick up the soaked, broken, icky pieces left over. Sometimes bad stuff happens. 

Jesus never once said, “Life will be easy! Every day will be perfect!” Nope, not even one Bible verse says that. James 1:2-3 DOES say this: “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” This is NOT saying to be all happy and excited when bad things happen. This DOES SAY to take each problem and cling to God for help and for wisdom to be able to solve that problem.

If your basement floods, ask God for help! (And look for lots of towels.) Ask your neighbors to help you clean out the space. The same goes for rough days that you’re having–when your day is all kinds of bad, and you just want to crawl in a hole, or give up, or jet off to Hawaii. When we face trials or problems, we should ask the God of Solutions to walk alongside us. We should reach out to loving people that God put in our lives. (People feel important when you ask for their help!) And we should know that this bad stuff is all temporary, and there is opportunity for good to come out of even the most bad and sad situations.

This is one of those lessons that you and I can’t just learn in one day, but we CAN KEEP TYRING to connect to God each day throughout our lives. This strengthens our faith and our relationship with God, the Creator of wonderful, wonderful YOU.

Live in peace today, and wear a raincoat of kindness that all can see. You are loved by God and by us.




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