It’s 10:02 a.m., you’re sitting in class/at work, and IT BEGINS.

 (Insert boxing match bell)

Your super-loud stomach’s GROWL vs. The room’s SILENCE

  • Don’t you hate that feeling?

  • How do we fix it? 

Let’s overtake growling tummies in 2 ways!

Sunday, 1/24: Chili Cookoff Fundraiser! 9:45 am – 1:30 pm


All youth going on the Mission Trip or Triennium are needed. 

  • Who is signed up: Antonio, Maria, Ian, Ty, Anthony, Zachary, Alex, Dylan, Zeph, Eric, Sarah, Justin, Birgitta, Annika, Ashley, Arielle, Grady, Ainsley
    • Call me if you have a sudden conflict. Thanks!

Sunday, 2/7: Souper Bowl of Caring Offering >> GOAL: $400.00!!

  • Per our Balloon Soccer game last Wednesday, the winning Team Mustard decided on giving the $$ to the CROP Hunger Walk (part of Church World Service). This will provide food to people here in Portland and across the country. Yippee!
  • Everyone: Sit in the balcony for Worship on Feb 7, and we will pass giant soup pots around to collect money for anti-hunger efforts. Let’s raise $400…an increase from the last several years!
    • We’ll need 3 youth to read a simple script for Minute for Mission. Lemme know.

So, just like that….BAM! No more hunger. We share what we have with those God loves. (And God loves everyone.)

Pause your video game called Life and let’s pray: God, thanks for food that nourishes us and gives us energy each day to breathe, talk, walk and even run. Many, many people don’t have enough to eat, and they can’t physically walk or run. We realize that you created our minds, hearts, our hands and feet, to figure out how to love others just as you have loved us. With you, we can conquer hunger. Just as we need food and water to survive, we need a relationship with You to experience love, hope and kindness. Teach us how to do just that. Amen.

Happy week.



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