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A church parking lot is quite a place…it’s where we park (obvi), meet, talk, wander, talk some more, wait on our parents to stop talking to people, and maybe even play a game of soccer.

My friend Henry Hill’s funeral was this week. He was this awesome grandfather-kinda guy who had an idea. He wanted to give shoes to orphans around the world. He started with one pair of new athletic shoes for a kid. He asked other people in the church where I grew up to bring a pair or two to church. Our church friends would buy all of the shoes that Target or Payless had on their shelves. Nobody had a ton of money, we just worked together, saving $5 here or $10 there to add to the shoe fund.

Henry kept this up several years…and stores in town (Houston) offered to donate shoes to Henry’s dream because he was just so passionate about it. Henry’s enthusiasm to wash orphan’s feet and put new, clean socks and shoes on them was as contagious as a winter cold.  =)  ONE DAY, Henry had an idea…let’s collect enough shoes out in the church parking lot to set a Guinness World Record! And he did:

Henry is speaking at 7:35 in the video. He was just a jolly guy who saw a need, asked for help, and prayed to God for guidance. And look at all of the shoes in the church parking lot! (20,110 to be exact)

What kind of ideas do you have?

How can you be an ORDINARY person with EXTRAORDINARY Love for God’s people?

Coming up::

Wear your jersey to church this Sunday!!

SUNDAY, Feb 7: Souper Bowl of Caring offering in 10am Worship! + Extend the Table (Ruth and Baked Potato Bar!!)

  • Wear your jersey to church! Represent your favorite football team!!!!
  • I know you’re gonna grub on tons during the Super Bowl. But what about people who go hungry? Who don’t have enough to eat? Let’s collect an offering ($$) for ministries that feed the hungry…like Night Strike!!
  • Extend the Table ends at 12:30, plenty of time for you to do homework, watch the game & commercials, and EAT!!

Wedn, Feb 10: Ash Wednesday (after Tuesday’s Mardi Gras) 

  • This day begins Lent! We will have a big pizza dinner (wanna help serve the pizza? come at 5:20) at 5:30, we will burn the palm crosses and have Ash Wednesday Worship at 6:30. (Yes, it is very early this year!)

Wedn, Feb 17: Youth Group! 

  • We’ll plan Youth Sunday (Feb 28) and have a Bible chat and game type deal. 7-8:30 pm in the Youth House

Sunday, Feb 21: So we can have a youth lunch after church or go to this…? Text me your vote (Lunch or Show)!

Friday, Feb 26: Youth Sunday Rehearsal + 60 min of mayhem! 5:30-7:30 pm

  • Instead of our normal all-day Saturday rehearsal, we will have a quick run-through and also an hour of mayhem at church!

Sunday, Feb 28: Youth Sunday!!!! (the best youth-led Sunday of the year)

Have a great rest of your week! Pray, plan, dream big!!



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