Do these phrases mean anything to you?

  • Mardi Gras
  • Saints
  • King Cake
  • Purple (Justice), Green (Faith), and Gold (Power)
  • Lent

Maybe you think of football (because, sure, that Puppy-Monkey-Baby is still stuck in my
head) or maybe you think of parades and New Orleans. Maybe you think of trying to eat an entire King Cake…oh, wait…

Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday—all the same thing in Christianity. It’s that day where you (traditionally) eat up all of the meat and fats in the house so you can get ready for 40 days of your Lenten journey (insert Indiana Jones here!). The church holiday of Fat Tuesday is hundreds of years old, and we think the major partying tradition came from the Roman festival, Lupercalia. Either way, it’s a perfect time to make mile high stacks of pancakes, pies, or burgers, depending on your preference.

People ALL OVER THE WORLD celebrate Mardi Gras…

  • Brazil has super-mega 6-day parade-parties in towns and cities with great music, dancing and overeating called Carnival.
  • Gilles dance all night in the streets of Belgian cities to festive music (insert creepy
  • Germany celebrates too, including “Greasy Thursday,” when all of the fats (butter, etc.) have to be cleared out of the grocery stores.
  • And even the pope celebrates! Well, Pope Francis spends the day in prayer and meditation as he reflects on the next day, Ash Wednesday, a super important day on the church calendar.

Why am I telling you all of this!?? Well, because I hope you go on Jeopardy someday and puzzle Alex Trebek with your witty wisdom. But mostly, I want you to know YOU’RE NOT ALONE> When you are praying or crying or partying or yawning, there is somebody in this world doing the exact same thing! There are literally MILLIONS of other people on this planet trying to figure out how to 1)tolerate their little brother/sister, 2)make their parents and friends proud, and 3)try not to mess up too much. And those same people are trying to look to God for help, guidance and for a sign that God cares for/loves/thinks about them.

And that is the beauty of following a church calendar (insert angels AHHH singing here)…you can pray/sing/listen/worship/live knowing someone else is doing the exact same thing as you at the exact same time…except they live in China…or Australia…or Miami…or El Salvador. And that is God’s Church…a bunch of people from all over worshipping at the same time! It’s like the biggest party for God, when we worship together. It’s beyond anything you’ve ever seen, experienced or heard about.

Worship is a God-party, holy and awesome. What can YOU bring to the party? What do you already bring?

A Prayer: Jesus, you have a purpose for my life. As I try to figure out what that is, allow me to open up to other people following You. Remind me that I’m not all alone, and that there are other people trying to figure life out, just like me. Assure me that I’m worthy of being loved and liked by other people. Help me to be a good friend and a great representative of You. Amen.


Coming Up:

Wedn, Feb 10: Ash Wednesday (after Tuesday’s Mardi Gras) 

  • This day begins Lent! We will have a big pizza dinner (wanna help serve the pizza? come at 5:20) at 5:30, we will burn the palm crosses and have Ash Wednesday Worship at 6:30. (Yes, it is very early this year!)

Wedn, Feb 17: Youth Group! 

  • We’ll plan Youth Sunday (Feb 28) and have a Bible chat and game type deal. 7-8:30 pm in the Youth House

Sunday, Feb 21: So we can have a youth lunch after church or go to this…? Text me your vote (Lunch or Show) by 2/14!

Friday, Feb 26: Youth Sunday Rehearsal + 60 min of mayhem! 5:30-8:00 pm

  • Instead of our normal all-day Saturday rehearsal, we will have a quick run-through and also an hour of mayhem at church!

Sunday, Feb 28: Youth Sunday!!!! (the best youth-led Sunday of the year)

Happy Week! Don’t get Green from eating too many Purple and Gold pancakes!



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