Do you have a favorite season? You know–Football, Baseball, Basketball or Soccer? Ha, okay, sports aren’t everything, but there’s something special about looking forward to a change in the weather, or the end of one thing and the beginning of another. (And it doesn’t hurt when Baseball Season arrives, and your favorite team beat the Yankees today! Sorry, Yankees fans.)

May 22nd will be the END OF AN ERA. I hate to be dramatic, but it’s like bridging ceremonies in Scouts or other places. Where one chapter of life ends, a new phase begins. Our high school seniors are being lifted up in Worship as we (their church family) celebrate their childhood at Valley and their future endeavors in the wonder-full, wide world.

It’s a huge, churning river of emotions – sad, happy, scared, excited, nervous, confused, overwhelmed, bored, angry, antsy, etc. And it’s all a part of the transition, the bridge from one place to another. And, like God said in Genesis, it is very, very Good.

Portland is full of bridges. It might not be the best city for people scared of heights, but it is an amazing home for people making changes in their lives. On any day with good or icky weather, you can peer out at one of the many bridges and see the beauty of transition.


Portland Blue City Lights Over Steel Bridge by Portland Art Creations


Our faith in God is like a bridge, carrying us through to the other side.

  • Sometimes we have to repair that bridge and lift up our bond with God (like The Morrison Bridge, which is being lifted up and fixed).
  • Sometimes we have to totally change the way we look at God (like The Broadway Bridge, which is currently being painted).
  • And, every once in a while, we might have to totally tear down the whole thing in order to rebuild a stronger, more trusting friendship with God (like The Sellwood Bridge that was tore down and is being replaced). 

So, how’s your bridge? How’s your current relationship with God right now?

Which Portland bridge represents your relationship with God? (Don’t forget Burnside that has too many fun places to visit on either side. That’s a lively, hipster-ish lunch date with God!) Think about it.

Be sure and check the Events page for all fun stuff coming up::   4/10(Sun): Youth Bible Study at 9:30am in the Tower Classroom; 4/13(Wed): Youth Group Night, 7-8:30pm. Remember: YOLO.

**Special thanks to Ian, David, Birgitta, Maria, Annika, Trent, John and of course AmyAnn, who helped out with Glow Bowling Friday night! I’ve never seen so many glow sticks in one place, and I’ve certainly never made bowling lanes in our church before. It was fun!

***One more thing: Amazing changes are coming to the Youth House! Like painting the Big Room…which happens tomorrow! Super special thanks to the Yakymi’s and the whole Revivify Team for taking on this awesome project!! Youth…your ideas and labor are needed, which we’ll talk more about Sunday. Yay!



  • benparoulek

    Hey! What color is the paint?

    • valleyym

      a light grey!

      • benparoulek

        Dove gray or whale gray?

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