Yes, it’s fast food but it’ll be the weekend we should live a little, right??  In my life, Chick-fil-A has so many youth group memories attached to it…namely, silly Saturday nights, TP-ing our youth minister’s house (don’t get any ideas) and also what we’d eat after fasting each year (long story). It’s chicken! So let’s go there Friday night. (Veggie/vegan/GF options available.)

And let’s also choose our own adventure! —>>> It will be fun!

Meet at the Youth House at 6:30 pm. We’ll be back by 9:30! Friends are welcome!

  • Text me if you can come, please. 

  • Bring $10

  • Come ready for fun and a relaxed, great night!

  • Any parents want to come? We need 1-2 peeps.


And Sundayyyyy…. Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser for Youth Mission!!Tiramisu-Pancake-IHOP

Youth: Meet us in the Gym at 8:15am and stay until 12:30 this Sunday, May 1.

**Required for all youth going on the Mission Trip and/or Triennium!

And be sure to ask your parents and grandparents to come and eat pancakes!!

Goals: Raise $900 and serve our church community a great breakfast!!

*Many thanks to the Clippers Mariners for helping us out with this fun day!

**Many, many thanks for making last Sunday a great Mission Trip meeting…good turnout!


Happy Wednesday! Please send me your sports/choir/theatre/whatever calendars of stuff going on in your life…I’d love to see you shine! God loves you, and so does your Youth Group. 



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