Have you ever had a moment when there were NO WORDS that could explain your feelings? Like after you got a huge surprise or gift? Or when you accomplished something huge? Or when you’re crying so hard it gets a bit snotty?

Okay, those moments happen (God did invent tissues…), and they’re all a part of life. The English language (and any language, for that matter) is so awesome because we can express ourselves through words. It’s quite brilliant, really. HOWEVER, there are some moments in life that either require no speaking or words just don’t do the moment justice. Those are also some of the most MEMORABLE moments in our lives. You could be excited/mad/sad/glad/surprised/fearful/livid/confused/overjoyed, etc.

This Sunday, 11 high school graduates are standing on the chancel steps during Worship; we are going to thank God for their lives, the incredible journeys that they are on, and we will recognize that they have the ability to be huge Christ lights for the world. Big stuff…sometimes words can’t express all of it!

But we feel it in our hearts, our minds, and in our souls. It’s really great to process all of the emotions, all of them. And we can thank God for the ability to feel/speak all of that stuff to God. Join us! (Cake following Worship! Yippee!)

5/22: Graduate Sunday

  • Cake Coffee Fellowship following. 
  • For Graduates & Families + Quilters: lunch afterward! 



To God be the Glory for each and every one of you, whether you’re in 6th grade or 76th grade! = ) You are amazing! I have no other words because my heart is full of love for ya, homies.



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