Okay, some people say The Bible only mentions it 150 times, but that’s still a lot!

  • Since angels, God and cool people say “Don’t fear” so many times throughout the Bible, it is only fitting that we discover living UNfeared. As you probably know, the mission trip theme is “UNFEARED.” 
  • Does fear act like a wall, standing in the way of our full potential? What does God think about fear?

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2 Super Important, Need You There Dates:

Thursday, June 16-SUPER IMPORTANT Mission Trip Packing and Mission Project Night!*** 5:30-8:30 pm

  • This is our final meeting, so it’s very important that you and at least one parent is present at this meeting!!

Sunday, June 26-Mission Trip! ARRIVE BY 8:45 am, ready to pack up the vans! -Outside the Youth House3bd2c41ea3eda82b20cc072f777ff5b3

  • Day 1 of the Mission Trip – woohoo!!!!

  • Richard (Dick) Page speaks to the Youth Mission Team about overcoming fear, after packing and BEFORE Worship commissioning!! (donuts provided!)

    • Did you know we have a World War II Veteran among us every Sunday? Mr. Page is awesome and loves you guys, so he’s going to tell us a couple of stories about how he’s overcome fear in his life. You know, because our mission trip theme is “Unfeared.” This is such an honor. Don’t miss it! Parents and siblings are welcome, too.


As you finish up your last week(s) of school, remember that God is with you. Don’t be full of anxiety, but look to God for guidance to focus on your responsibilities, help others and finish your school year well. It makes summer so much sweeter!! Prayers for confident exam-taking, finishing projects completely, and for making summer plans that excite you.



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