Meet tomorrow (Tuesday, 8/16) in the church office at 1:00 pm for an Ice Cream adventure! Bring $5-10 for taste testing. ***(Text Laurel if you can make it, so we have enough van seats.)



And some other news…(from last week’s blog)

  1. Mission Trip Hats–If you ordered one, see Laurel to pick yours up and pay. If you’re missing something from the trip, see Laurel for Lost and Found items.

  2. Sunday, August 21–FIRST EVER VALLEY OLYMPICS!! An all ages event, bring yourself and your family for tons of fun (youth vs. adults), prizes, and wacky games. 11:45-1:45 after church. See the upcoming e-blast and church bulletin for details.

  3. Wednesday, September 7–ANNUAL YOUTH + PARENTS MEETING in the Youth House! This is super, majorly, very very important!! We will cover everything for the year, including item #5 (below)  7:00-8:30 pm

  4. Sunday, September 12–Kickoff Sunday AND Triennium group presents on the trip! ALL YOUTH: Stay for 10:00 am Worship and fun kickoff events after worship (games, making & serving popcorn, etc.)
  5. 2016-2017 is a CONFIRMATION YEAR — All 9th and 10th grade youth are invited to participate in the Confirmation Class, as well as any 11th and 12th grade youth who want a refresher or are ready to join the class this time around. More details at the Annual Youth and Parents Meeting (see item #3)
    1. If you are interested in participating in the Confirmation Class (that’s attending class, participating in the non-boring stuff and being open to the process), please let Laurel know (email, text, phone call, in-person) by September 14.
    2. So you know…you are not required to “become a Christian” or “become a Valley church member” because you are participating in Confirmation. It is a JOURNEY for this small group of people to explore, question, discover and doubt what in the world it means to live as a Christian. It is a safe place to explore and experience together…and it’ll be oh so fun!
    3. We are looking at meeting 9:30-11:45am on Sundays (which includes attending Worship together); this is not set in stone and will be dependent upon who signs up and their schedules, as well as the leaders and special guests that make Confirmation Class so very great.
  6. YOUTH GROUP THIS YEAR — We have heard from you, and we are mixing things up (and simplifying, too!).
    1. Wednesdays: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wednesdays of each month are Youth Group. Time will be determined in The Annual Meeting on 9/7/16. This will be a time for Middle and High School to learn and share together AND these age groups will split up for various activities and discussions, too. Food, fun and fully awesome stuff is guaranteed each week. This is a *PAUSE* to be unfeared/authentic/non-judged/accepted/loved/befriended in the middle of your very busy weeks and lives. And, if we’re lucky, we’ll laugh so hard we cry at least once each Youth Group.
    2. The 4th week of each month is a MISSION-focused youth gathering, which involves serving places around Portland, participating in events with other youth groups, concerts, etc. We will mix it up!
    3. In addition, we will have special events. This schedule opens up possibilities for random hangouts, meet ups and time together!
  7. Trips, Retreats and Stuff…This is going to be a great school year, you guys, I just know it!! Mark your calendars for our Sept 7 meeting (and make sure your parent(s) will attend, too!). You are awesome.
  8. PARENTS:: If you would like to join our Youth Committee, please let Michelle Blair or myself know. We meet monthly (1st Tuesday of the month) to support, collaborate and finalize decisions for the good of this incredible Youth Ministry. A few youth are also on this committee! Let us know…we have no dads on the team, and that would be a great bonus.

Happy Monday! I hope you’re chillin and (maybe even) grillin! Prayers for fun and soaking up your last few weeks of summer!



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