Hi, Valley Youth, Families and Adult Leaders!

A new study came out (big deal..for real) saying that 

TEENAGERS SERVE and do amazing things for our communities in the US.

  • 17% of US teenagers volunteer weekly

    • 42% of those teenagers serve with their church youth group or another religious group!  (Barna Group, 2016)

What does this mean?Image result for faith and works

  • Helping others and what you believe are closely tied together! (Faith & Works) Your set of personal beliefs in “big picture” stuff like a higher power (God) and the purpose of our lives (to love God and God’s Creation) is because the God that invented The Redwoods, your crooked toes and Chunky Monkey ice cream gave us a lifelong job. [Read last Sunday’s Scripture on Jesus’ Great Commission.]
    • There’s an incredibly goofy song about having faith but not works (talking the talk but not walking the walk), by the late Rich Mullins. Watch it:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcvBsNcIzu4
    • Let’s try to do what we say and say what we do…it makes us dependable and amazing friends.
  • Church is a GREAT PLACE to get connected to serve others. We put aside our selfishness and reach out to others. We play ridiculous games in youth group and we also support terrified/lonely/impoverished refugee families, all in the same evening. We talk to an omnipresent, omnipowerful God who answers our prayers! Powerful stuff, peeps!Image result for jesus hands and feet

Benefits from serving/volunteering at church:

  • You are being Jesus…your mind, heart, hands and feet are doing EXACTLY what Jesus (you know, GOD’S SON!) instructed us to do…Love, Serve, Share.


So let’s get this whole youth group thing started, okay???

Tomorrow—Wednesday, Sept 14 from 6:30-8:30 is YOUTH GROUP (6th – 12th graders). 

  • Bring $3 for pizza & sides.
  • Come ready for a really fun, relaxing time.
  • Get ready to laugh a ton and make new friends! 


Sunday, Sept 18: Attend Worship (join the balcony section!) — Sunday School for Youth will begin Sept 25 (sorry for the calendar change!!)

  • We’ll start our super awesome Echo Bible storytelling time next Sunday, Sept 25. It’ll be great! So will the donuts!

Image result for james 2 faith without worksI hope you’re having the best week ever! Remember to be a friend to someone who could use one. Listen to people. Let your actions make Jesus proud! You are awesome!



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