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Have you ever looked at someone and WISHED you could be like them?

  • Wished you could be as confident as ____

  • Wished you were as good at football as ____

  • Wished you were as popular and happy as ____

  • Wished you were as smart as ____

We ALL have moments when we wish we could be ____ER (better, smarter, happier, stronger, skinnier) than we are now.

We look around and think others have it “more together” than we do. Guess what!? NONE OF US are perfect. None of us have it all together–we’re all waking up each morning, trying to figure out how to live life witImage result for being enoughh so many unknowns. We all feel like we’re missing skills/understanding/confidence/smarts at one time or another. That’s okay!

Here’s what the Bible says on “not being enough”–

  • We are totally enough because God gave us our “enoughness”Image result for 2 corinthians 3 5

  • In your weakness, God gives you tons of strength. Image result for 2 corinthians 12 9

So we should embrace our perfectly imperfect selves. Why? Because the INVENTOR OF LIFE (AKA GOD) made you in His image. We humans find our worth and our value in God, our creator. God gives each of us strength, and we must pray to God for help and to keep our relationship with God growing. 

It’s okay. You are enough, dear child of God.

  • EvImage result for being enoughen when you feel like you can’t do anything right, you are enough.
  • Even when you feel totally alone, completely dumb and like a true failure, God says you are enough.
  • Even when nothing is going right and you can’t find any hope, it’s going to be okay. Why? God, the creator of the stars and Mt. Hood and (of course) piping hot, melty delicious mac and cheese made you—you are amazing! You are enough. God made you, a wonderful human with so much to learn and so much to share with this world. 
  • Sure, we all have things we want to improve, and that’s okay. But in the meantime…
  • You are more than enough. You are great! Remind yourself of this each day, okay?

No Youth Group this week…sad! (But last weekend was fun, right!?) Enjoy your days off from school, and put your phone/tablet/TV remote down long enough to really connect with the people around you. You’ll definitely gain a lot from connecting eyeball-to-eyeball; who doesn’t love hearing stories from their weird Uncle Dave? (or whoever that person is in your life) 

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Happy THANKSgiving, you all! I’m so thankful to know you.



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