On Wednesday nights, we have been using PC(USA) curriculum that is based on Faith Questions that teens have asked. It’s called, interestingly enough, Faith Questions and is a huge series of 4-lesson topics. These lessons use come from “real-life” questions and uses multiple types of media to explore these topics. I admire the writers’ creativity and authenticity; they tackle tough questions and don’t try to “play God” by handing us the answers to these huge questions on a silver platter. It encourages exploration.

Here is what we’re working through now, with questions that I encourage you to discuss with your youth. Be sure and answer the questions yourself, too. It brings on great thinking, and you will definitely learn more about your kid(s) and yourself! Refer to the Bible verses for guidance, too.

Jan 4 – Does God Love Me? (John 3:16, Romans 8:38-39)

  • Where do you see God’s love in your own life?
  • How do you know the insistent unending nature of God’s love in your own life?
  • How can you open yourself even more to the miracle of God’s love and grace?
  • What comfort is taken in knowing that in life and in death, we belong to God?
  • Highlights from this night: Grilled cheese station, Facebook/Instagram announcement about John 3:16, Song: Home by Phillip Phillips, White Elephant gifts.

Jan 18-I Know We’re Supposed to Love Our Neighbors as Ourselves, But What If I Don’t Love Myself? (Leviticus 19:18, Colossians 3:12-17)

  • What is difficult about sharing God’s grace? What gets in the way of sharing or what gives you permission to do so?
  • Is loving yourself a selfish act?
  • What for you is the difference between selfishness and being a good steward of God’s Creation?
  • What are some ways you can show love to yourself when you’re feeling unlovable?
  • Highlights from this night: chicken tenders/curly fries, Mr. Rogers video, Lovable/Unlovable chart, comparing Leviticus 19:18)

Jan 25-What Kind of People Does God Want Me to Be Around? (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Romans 13:1-7)

  • Who are the modern-day Samaritans?
  • What can being a neighbor cost you or the participants?
  • What frees one to be an unexpected neighbor?
  • How does one balance the risks in being a neighbor with Christ’s imperative to be a neighbor?

Feb 1-How Can I Honor My Parents When I Don’t Feel Like I Love Them? (1st Peter 2:11-17)

  • What are the greatest difficulties in children and parents relating to each other?
  • What fears get in the way of becoming a good parent?
  • Is it necessary for us to forgive our parents (no matter how old we are)? Why?
  • If you were to make an encouraging sign (like you see at football games) for your parent or your child, what would it say?


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    Thought provoking questions….

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