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I love this quote by Brene Brown, a social work professor from my hometown, who writes awesome books.

Faith is a place of mystery…

  • We humans don’t have all of the answers, and that is okay, because God is omniscient (all knowing). God knows it all, and we can put our trust in God.

  • Our faith journey is a lifelong process of learning, experiencing and discussing. 

  • Unlike haunted houses, mystery doesn’t mean scary. It’s quite the opposite, actually—when we give in to the mystery (stuff we don’t know) about our faith beliefs and this world we live in, we give over control to God to fully take care of us. Through mystery, we allow God to be GOD. (Turns out, God is best at doing God’s job!!)  = )

Coming Up This Week…

  • A MYSTERY MEAL (how appropriate!) on Wednesday night, from 6:30-8:30 pm
    • Plus, a mystery mission project that involves FINDING CLUES around our church!
    • Join us! As always, bring a friend!
  • Sunday morning, 9:15-Noon: High School Confirmation Class
  • Sunday morning Worship (10 am) and Youth Choir sings in church!

Summer Plans – Mark your calendars (add to your phones)!

  • High School Mission Trip to Hollywood – July 9–15. A 7-day trip to Los Angeles with DOOR Los Angeles, working directly with homeless inviduals and families. We will stay at First Presbyterian Church, Hollywood, and work among their established, incredible ministries for those experiencing extreme poverty. This will be a life-changing, meaningful, fun trip! Flyer & form here: hs-mission-trip-form-2017 (scholarships available!)
  • Middle School City Camp (mission trip) – July 30–August 3. A five-day, overnight camp in Portland! We will serve our city with lots of mission projects all over town, and we will be housed at First Presbyterian Church, downtown. We will be joined by other churches in our presbytery. More info coming soon! The trip will be between $150-$200 (cost TBA), and scholarships are available!
  • VBS & Arts Exploration Camps (volunteer!) – July 17-21. We need your super awesome selves to make these camps fun for kids and our neighborhood (and fun for you, too!). Let me know if you can volunteer–we’ll have sign ups in the Youth House, too.

Embrace the mystery this week. Look up in wonder at the vast sky and the millions of leaves on the soaring trees today. Be wrapped in the comfort that the God who created Mt. Hood holds you in His arms every day.

You are so very loved.


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