**Valentine’s Day, Feb 14: Deadline to Sign up for the High School Mission Trip!! hs-mission-trip-form-2017 & $75 deposit needed. Mail or turn in to Laurel. We need to book flights ASAP!!

Image result for lady gaga super bowl 2017Last night’s game and halftime show-Lady Gaga-were quite entertaining. It’s almost like a bunch of interesting commercials sprinkled with game plays, right? 

What does it mean to “go gaga” over something?

Webster’s Dictionary definitions: 1:  crazy, foolish

2:  marked by wild enthusiasm :  infatuated, doting

Do you go gaga over God?

  • How do we spend our time? If we show what/who we care about by spending time on those things/beings, what/who do you care the most about?
    • school? work? Netflix? video games? sports? theater? staring at our phone?
  • What does God think about how you spend your time?
    • Eeek, that means being honest about how we spend our time!
    • It’s hard to be honest about how we spend our time, especially if it doesn’t match how we’d LIKE to prioritize our lives.

What can you switch around to show God that God’s important to you?Image result for switch

  • Switch:  The time you spend gaming/texting/Snapchatting on your phone (1 hr/day) The time you spend praying/journaling/talking to God (5 minutes/day)
  • Switch: The time you spend on your hobby (30 minutes/day) The time you spend getting to know your parents better (1 minute/day)
  • TRY IT! Even just for one day per week. You’ll show your priorities and your intentions.  = )


Tuesday, 2/7/17: Youth Committee Meeting at 7:00 pm (for all committee members). Youth and Parents: if you’re interested on serving on this committee, please let Laurel or Allison Carlson know! We meet once/month and are the main support committee for Valley Youth ministry. It’s great!

Wednesday, 2/8/17: Youth Group from 6:30-8:30 pm with a Mac & Cheese Dinner (winners from last week’s hunt choice!) Bring $3 for dinner and come to talk about our Parents!

Friday, 2/10/17: Kid’s Night Out – Valentine-themed! Volunteer with some awesomely cute kids from 5:00-9:00 (or any time during this block)! Play in the gym, eat a (free) dinner, make some Valentine’s cards for our community, watch a movie and have a lot of fun! Let Laurel know if you can help. Thanks!

Sunday, 2/12/17:

  • Confirmation Class at 9:15 am in the Youth House
  • Worship at 10:00 am (Youth Bible Study in the church lobby)
  • Confirmation Class from 11-11:45
  • Extend the Table lunch & Bible chat following Coffee Fellowship (11:40)–all ages welcome!

Tuesday, 2/14/17: Deadline to Register for the High School Mission Trip!!!! Form & $75 deposit required. hs-mission-trip-form-2017 Mail or drop off!

Wednesday, 2/15/17: Neighbor Night/Youth Group from 6:00-8:30 pm with Dinner, Activities, and a Faith Lesson/Chat. Bring $3 for dinner. This is a first-ever all church event for our neighborhood! Bring a neighbor with you or just come for food, learning and a lot of fun! Meet in the Gym! **note the time change for this day only!!–6:00 pm

Image result for bible verse about going gaga

People use this Bible verse when talking about money, mostly, but it’s so much more than that! Give your TIME/TALENTS/ENERGY/RESOURCES/CONNECTIONS/FOCUS/ATTENTION/DREAMS/GOALS/YOUR WHOLE SELF to God. Give everything you have to the One who gave everything to you! It makes sense, right?

Have the best week ever! Go gaga for God!



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