We all love Mackenzie and wish her the best as she focuses on her career and upcoming wedding.  It was truly a blessing that she was able to lead us for a time and we look forward to seeing her again soon supporting the Youth as a volunteer! (yaaay!)

Wed 10/11 6:30pm we will gather yet again for some more super awesome fun times. Last week we enjoyed multiple servings of tasty tacos and discussed some stuff from Exodus that Pastor Jeff had talked about the weekend before. 

If we end up following the same pattern as recent weeks, we will discuss some of Paul’s letter to Philippi (also known in the Bible as “Philippians 1 19-27”)

Paul is writing this letter from prison and although he doesn’t know if he’s gonna live or die, he seems good either way and his letter is full of joy.  Wait.. what?  Turns out he was kinda giving us a blueprint for joyful living under extreme circumstances. Good stuff.



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