Join us again this Wed, Oct 18th at 6:30 for another awesome night of fellowship, food and fun.  We will continue our discussion of Philippeans from last week.  Sunday Pastor Jeff preached a sermon on Philippeans 2:1-13.

img_8032img_7992img_7993img_8001If you haven’t read that scripture yet, here is a brief summary from out friends at Shmoop..

  • Paul keeps going with his encouraging vibe. He tells the Philippians that they should stick together and love each other. Don’t be selfish or arrogant, guys. Just look out for each other. Sharing is caring, okay?
  • Jesus should be their role model. Even though he was equal with God, Jesus didn’t walk around like some big shot all the time.
  • He actually did the opposite. He lowered himself to become human, almost as low as a slave. He was so über humble that he even died on the cross just to prove how great God was.
  • Because of that, God declared Jesus to be the most awesome guy on Earth. Everyone should pretty much bow down and worship him whenever they get the chance.
  • So yeah, Philippians, just try to be like that.
  • Don’t complain and argue all the time, and you’ll “shine like stars” in this dark and dreary world.
  • As long as they’re keeping the faith, Paul can be proud of the work he’s done there. It makes prison seem a whole lot more cheery.

The passage that immediately jumped out to me was Philippeans 2:5 “Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus” the literal translation of this text from greek reads a lot like a teaching from Jedi Master Yoda “This, let mind be, in, you, which, also, in, Christ, Jesus was.” Having the mind of Christ means abandoning our own will and ego, putting others’ needs ahead of our own, humbling ourselves to serve God even when it means personal sacrifice.  Paul’s teaching reminds me of an old Beatles song written by George Harrison, “I, Me, Mine”  George lived a spiritual life and just like our discussion last week, he was always searching, always questioning, always growing and longing to be closer to God.  In this song he was commenting on the social change he saw in the culture as he perceived that the communal attitudes of the “hippies” of the 60’s were fading away and people were becoming more self involved and focused more on their own well being than that of others.  “all through the day, I me mine, I me mine, I me mine. all through the night, I me mine, I me mine, I me mine”  It’s as if everyone was just forgetting (or ignoring) Paul’s teaching.  As it turns out, the 70’s have often been called “the me decade” because many people became self involved and ambitious to the point of pure greed.  Its almost like those people never read a bible or listened to The Beatles!

img_8078img_8017img_8015img_8013img_8016img_7995img_7994img_8034img_8035img_8038img_8023img_8020Previews of Coming Attractions!

Service Wednesday is coming up on October 25th.  We will be serving the community by volunteering at the Beaverton Sunshine Pantry.  You can sign up this week at youth group or leave a comment here on the blog or contact dude directly if you wanna go (  We will meet early at 5:30 or you can join us at the pantry at 6:00pm if you have your own ride.  The Sunshine Pantry is located at 10895 SW 5th Street in Beaverton.

Sunday Oct 22 is our annual Valley kids (of all ages) and families (of any size) trip to the Lee Farms Pumpkin Patch.  Please RSVP to

Sunday Oct 29th we will celebrate Valley’s 75th Anniversary with a day of worship, music, food and fellowship from 10am to 1pm.




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