This week Valley’s very own Pastoral Associate, Jenny Pratt will be leading us in a spiritually awesome evening of discussion, food and fun.  Join us Nov 8th at 6:30pm for a (probably) vegan meal and continued journey through the scriptures as preached on Sundays by the Super Amazing Pastor Jeff.

Last week we had a great discussion about rejoicing in the lord and what it means to be humble.  It’s amazing how these scripture lessons written by super old dudes from ages long past are totes applicable to our daily lives.  It is important to not only just know what they were trying to say or teach but to see how this stuff really works in our own lives and brings us closer to G-d.

Coming Attractions!

Pastor Jeff is going to be officially installed by Presbytery as Valley’s Designated Pastor on November 19th.  Join us at 4:00pm for this special service and for a reception afterwards.

Our next Mission Wednesday is on Nov 29th.  We will be serving at Northwest Children’s Outreach in Beaverton from 7:00-8:30 PM.  All y’all’s friends and family are invited to participate


– Dude


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