Join us for another exciting episode of Youth Group this Wed 11/15 at 6:30pm.  Leading us this week is our very own super awesome Pastor Jeff.  That’s right folks, you don’t wanna miss out on this most excellent night, so totally plan ahead and bring all yer pals.  I’m not claiming to be a soothsayer, but I’m pretty sure we will be eating some kind of food, talking about Jesus and playing some games.

We plan to continue discussing Matthew and listening for G-d’s word to us with our new eyes.  (Yeah, I know that sounds weird, listening with our eyes! haha.. but seriously, if you were here last week or have been paying attention in Church it totally makes sense).

Last week Jenny and Karen led us in a talk about the parable of the bridesmaids and this week we will discuss the parable of the talents.  I don’t wanna ruin it for y’all by givin away major spoilers, but it’s not really about talent, it’s about money. And being a parable, its not even really about money.  So what are all these parables about? ah, good question!  Maybe we should ask Pastor Jeff this week?  If it really was about money, i’d use mine to bet that the Kingdom of G-d is at hand and The Lord is gonna hold us accountable for what we have and have not done.

Huge shout out to Gary Moen for joining us last week and for all the super hard work he has been doing around the youth house to give y’all a kickin place to hang every week.  It was fun having him with us and if you see him hanging around working on the place, be sure to let him know how much you appreciate his efforts.  This is Gary doing what Gary does.. which is exactly what next week’s parable is trying to teach.. investing his time, talents and resources for the Glory of G-d.

Coming Up:  A Christmas party is in the works, so stay tuned!  Also go back and read last weeks coming attractions so I don’t have to type them again, thx.



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