This Week, High School is meeting tonight from 5 to 7 and middle school is meeting Wednesday from 7-8:30. Can’t wait to see you all! This Saturday at 12 we will be having a Youth Sunday run through lunch will be provided! If they are participating in Youth Sunday please make sure they will be there!

Next Week, along those lines, Sunday is Youth Sunday we will be getting there by 8:15 a grab and go breakfast will be provided! Right After the worship service there will be a chili cook-off fundraiser for the Youth so be sure to stick around it’ll be a busy day!


Last Week, our High School students met Sunday night to hang out, talk about the Bible and Youth Sunday! Wednesday everyone was invited to come to Valley’s Ash Wednesday service, we had pizza and entered into Lent.

Today you will also be getting an invitation to sign up for Middle School City Camp so be sure to sign up for that sooner than later!


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