• Everyone, Every Wednesday of the Summer – Come Hangout!
  • Mission Commissioning – July 8th – everyone going on a SLAM trip or to City Camp
  • Mark your calendar for August 8th, we are going to the beach for the day!

Summer is here, that means school is out but we’re here to play! From June 27th through August 15th, we will be hanging out and having every Wednesday 7-8:30!  Keep your ears open for any special excursions that come up!

July 8th is the kick-off for our Summer Missions! If you are a student going on one of our missions trips please be there for the Commissioning during 10 am Worship! Pastor Jeff and the congregation want to give us their blessing and see who they’ll be praying for before we leave!

In the not too distant future, we will be going on our Beach Trip August 8th! We will be leaving in the morning and returning in the evening! Stay posted for more details to come!

Stay hydrated!

youth bbq 1youth bbq 3


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