Yo, it’s Dude.

I wanna remind everyone that youth group is chillin’ on Wednesday’s from 6-8pm for both MS and HS

We will be serving up a three course gourmet palette of fun! (including, but not limited to, dinner, discussion and games)


Parental Disclosure: I’m posting as a guest on the blog. I’m totes outta the loop and this is not an officially authorized communication.


Last week we talked a little about the Beatitudes in the gospel of Matthew and how “blessings” aren’t always what they seem. Next week we will continue where we left off.

The discussion got me thinking. (Yeah, I do that sometimes. It’s rare but it happens)..

In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus is blessing people who we normally would think of as unfortunate. People who are down on their luck, ridiculed, poor, persecuted (bullied), sad, etc..

The flip-side of blessings we call burdens – but what if we have it all backwards? What if the burdens are actually the blessings?

Y’all might find yourself in some super-sucky situations where it seems like ya just been hit upside the head with the bad luck stick. What do you do? Complain? Give up? Get depressed? (I’ve done all those things and they don’t work).

Maybe next time it’s as simple as just trusting G-d. Know that the burden you feel is a blessing in disguise. A chance to step up, to grow, to learn, to show the world what yer made of. (And also realize that G-d already knows you are strong enough to handle it before it even drops).

I’ve known y’all for a pretty big chunk of time now, and so when the bad stuff hits I guess you can blame me..

..Cause I’m the dude saying, “Lord, bring it! give it to them good! my peeps are awesome and can handle whatever you got. Help them to grow, learn and show what they are made of. Give them the opportunity to be examples for others of just how awesome you are!”

– Dude


  • Cheryl

    Love the updates John! Please keep ’em coming!

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