Well here we are. I don’t think any one of us could have predicted that three months into 2020 we’d be on social lockdown, binging television and movies, lounging around for 24+ hours in pajamas, or working/going to school from the comfort of our own couches.

I don’t know about you, but for an extravert like me, this has been challenging. One of my favorite hobbies is to explore new coffee shops and chat with the baristas about what makes their coffee special. Now I just brew coffee at home and talk to myself in the mirror.

With all of these new mandates in place, we’ve been dealt kind of a bad hand and we can either choose to let that keep us down, or we can find ways to thwart the isolation and keep in community with one another. That’s one reason that we are incredibly lucky to live in a time where social isolation doesn’t have to be so solitary; whether we keep in touch with friends through text, social media, FaceTime, or any of the other countless lines of electronic communication, we get to do this together.

This can also be a time for you to refine a skill, find a new hobby, or simply take some much needed relaxation time.
I’ve been working from home, reading, playing Overwatch on my Xbox, watching TV shows and movies with Hayley, practicing guitar, and taking Lizzy on a lot of walks.

With all of this extra time on my hands, here’s some of what you can expect from Valley Youth:

  • Weekly Valley Youth Blog updates
  • Weekly Zoom Youth Group meetings, Wednesday @6pm
  • Daily Instagram updates: Follow youth.valley
  • I am available whenever you need me.
    • My “office” hours will be Mon-Thurs: 10am-3pm. I will also make myself available after the worship service on Sundays.

It’s difficult to say what the future holds, or when we will be able to meet in the Youth House again, but I look forward to overcoming these obstacles with all of you, and I am confident that you will find ways in your daily lives to make the best of our circumstances.

I’ll end this post with some of what I have been enjoying this week.

Music: I’ve really been enjoying Harry Styles’ most recent album. His song “Falling” in particular.

TV: Hayley and I have seriously been enjoying “Gravity Falls.” If you have Disney+ or Hulu, we highly recommend it. (Also I will forever recommend “Adventure Time”)

Video Games: I’ve been having fun playing Overwatch from Blizzard lately.

Books: Most recently, I have been reading “Quichotte” by Salman Rushdie, which is his take on the classic novel “Don Quixote” by Miguel de Cervantes. I haven’t read enough of it yet to recommend it to you, but “Haroun and the Sea of Stories” is a wonderful, fun, and outrageous story, also by Salman Rushdie.

Movies: Hayley and I just watched “Coco” for the first time last week. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. We both cried.

What have you been doing to keep busy? Let me know in the comments!

Stay prayerful, stay connected, stay home, and wash your hands!

Until next time,

Marshall Lauck


  • acmedude

    Excelsior! so cool that we have all these ways to stay connected.

    As y’all prob figured by my lack of presence, I was working a ton right after the Holidays but now that everyone is shutting down we are back to regular hours. I’m keeping my distance from coworkers, washing my hands like crazy and staying home when not at work. (Apparently I am an essential worker so I am allowed to keep working as long as companies keep ordering stuff for me to finish and paint).

    In my free time I watched all 12 hours of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Like Marshall, I invested in the Disney+ and have been watching old episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana. I am also playing my guitar more and video gaming about 2 hours a day (it’s like we’re twins, right?).

    Sadly, the comic book distribution chain has been shut down and I have been forced to read books without pictures in them, so I just make up the pictures in my head as I read. Then like five minutes later I usually close the book and re-read some old Harley Quinn and Batgirl comics.

    I’m certainly missing everyone and looking forward to hearing about the stuff y’all been doing to keep from going nutso in these crazy times.

    Lastly, I hope y’all at least are taking a little time out of each day for prayer. For me it looks kinda like this..

    .. Uh, I don’t know what to say so I’m sitting quietly. Breathing slowly and deeply in with long exhales. I figure G-d knows my worries, fears and anxieties even if I can’t express them so I just sit and breath and breath and breath.. and it’s awesome!


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