All lives cannot matter, until Black Lives Matter.
I will keep this blog post brief. It is my wish to use the small platform I have to amplify the voices of BIPOC, and I do not wish to add any noise to the discourse, save to affirm our black brothers and sisters.

My views may not directly align with PC(USA) or VCPC, although I certainly hope they do. Some argue that God’s justice is enough and that we should wait for it, and I will not refute that point, for it is the truth. I do, however, feel a strong personal conviction that as I was born with certain inalienable rights guaranteed by our nation’s Constitution, as well as being born into privilege of color, if not wealth, I have a responsibility to use that privilege and those rights given to me to fight alongside marginalized and oppressed peoples.

Much of what you will read and view may directly challenge familiar narratives. There is a violence in our nations history that we like to sweep under the rug. It is ugly and disturbing, and it causes discomfort. The ability to be discomforted by such a large scale tragedy, and only to be discomforted by it is, in and of itself, a privilege not afforded to millions of Americans. I challenge you to challenge yourselves. Sit in your discomfort. Let your heart be broken. Surely the suffering and violence Black Americans face to this day brings heartbreak and anguish to the Lord, our God.

It may seem as though the protests and unrest are dying, based on the reduced amount of coverage from national news outlets, but they are assuredly not. The protests have not ceased, and the reactionary violence against protesters, as well as the violence and destruction created by opportunists, continue on.

I will be posting resources for educational purposes, as well as ways to get involved.

Here you go:

This site contains a wealth of information, including educational materials and references, ways to be an ally, and various ways to financially support the BLM movement and its affiliates.

More resources and educational materials:

This website auto-populates emails with your name to send local representatives emails regarding legislative change that affirms BLM:

Netflix and Amazon both have playlists devoted to educational materials surrounding BLM and its relation to the Civil Rights Movement. For example, Hayley and I recently watched 13th on Netflix, which was extremely informative and heart-wrenching.

Isaiah 1:17
17     learn to do good;
seek justice,
    rescue the oppressed,
defend the orphan,
    plead for the widow.

In Christ,
Marshall Lauck


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