Hello Valley Youth!

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone is doing well. Another week has all but gone by, and I hope you’ve managed to do something fun, meaningful, or new. Or all three.

The week may be ending, but it has certainly not ended. Drop by the Youth House tomorrow (Friday the 10th) between 2-4pm to pick up Movie Night themed care packages. Carolyn and I will be handing them out on the porch (wearing masks and gloves). Come see us and pick yours up, and chat with us for a moment if you have the time.

The care packages are yours to do with as you wish, but we would love if you would use them on Saturday night at 6:30pm, when we will be doing our next Netflix Party.

Currently, our viewing options are:
Nacho Libre
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Avatar: the Last Airbender (tv series, not the movie…never the movie)
The Floor is Lava (tv gameshow)
The Twilight Zone (original series)
-Any other suggestions are certainly welcome.

Their site has a tutorial for installation and use of the NP browser extension. It’s pretty simple: just download, click the link I send out, and then click the NP button in your browser. You need to have a computer browser to use this feature, so use a laptop, a tablet, or the like.

Youth Group

This week at our Zoom meeting we continued our discussion around the power of words, emphasizing the need to speak carefully, and sharing our experiences of times we were uplifted by what people said to us.

When has someone positively impacted your life with kind words?

We also debuted a couple of scene recreations from movies. Carolyn recreated a scene from Gremlins with her Gremlins-named cat Gizmo. Pretty cute, if not terrifying.

Hayley and I recreated a brief scene from Akiva Schaffer’s 2007 cinematic masterpiece Hot Rod. Well, I think it’s a masterpiece. Hayley disagrees. See if you can distinguish the original from the reenactment…

We’ve also introduced a new game type to our Zoom meetings. This week and last week we played a couple games from the Jackbox Games party packs. If you’ve never played, Jackbox has games with trivia, wordplay, espionage, and more. It’s been a fun addition these past couple of weeks.

Here’s one of my favorite moments from that:

That’s all for now. I’m always taking suggestions for ways to make this group more fun and interactive; the reality is that right now we have to get really creative in order to keep things going and I appreciate everyone who has input. I hope everyone is working on being physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. Let me know how I can pray for you any time.




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