Happy Thursday Everyone!

Our Netflix Party from last Saturday went great! We watched Nacho Libre together and enjoyed some live commentary. Join us for our next viewing next Saturday, July 25 at 6:30pm. Submit movie or tv show ideas!

We will be meeting at 7pm as usual next Wednesday for our virtual Zoom gathering. We’re going to start introducing game nights every other week to make things a little more exciting. We’ve been playing Jackbox Games the past few weeks, and it’s been pretty entertaining.

Now to get serious.

Today was a stressful day at the café. It wasn’t all that busy, but my coworker and I couldn’t seem to communicate with each other effectively. This could have been due to a number of reasons. Maybe we were both tired. Maybe they had a bad morning before I got there. Maybe I was coming across as surly. Whatever the cause, there was a disconnect.

They offered support how they knew to offer it. It wasn’t what I felt I needed at the time, and I wished they would have approached things differently. Did I communicate that to them? Nope. I just got irritated and assumed that they didn’t trust me to get the job done, and then decided to insert themselves where I did not think they were needed. In other words, I took it personally.

I came home and vented to Hayley about it, saying I didn’t feel trusted to do my job, and that my coworker overstepped and took control when I had it handled.

Then a difficult question was poised. Were their actions really a response to me, as I had assumed, or were they simply doing what they felt needed to be done in that moment? I felt hurt, so I didn’t want to acknowledge that maybe it wasn’t personal after all.

Did my coworker do anything wrong? Nah. No more than I did. We simply did not communicate effectively.

Is there something that someone is doing or does that irks you? Why does it bother you? I encourage you to take a beat, sit back, let the anger recede, and reevaluate what it is that’s bothering you. Maybe it’s still the other person, but it may also just be the frame that you are viewing through. I know that’s what it was for me.

So maybe next time I’ll be quicker to view things from a different perspective. Don’t forget that you pretty much always view things through the distorting lens of your own biases.

In short, you cannot assume someone’s intentions based on how you interpret their actions, and I don’t think you’d want them to do that to you.

Ephesians 4:32
“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as Christ in God forgave you.”

Feel free to seek me out if you have prayer requests, or any other needs or concerns.

Best Regards,

Marshall Lauck


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