We’re trying something new next Sunday.
We’re going to try holding a socially-distanced in the courtyard next to the Youth House, but session approval is pending. We are going to be submitting a plan of action for how we intend to conduct youth group in a safe, hygienic way. If it gets approved, then we will be able to hang out in person for the first time since March!

I hope to see all of Valley Youth there!

Middle school and high school will be meeting separately to prevent overcrowding. Here’s the format:

-We will be welcoming our incoming sixth graders at 1:30 pm with the middle school students, and we will hang out until 3 pm.
-Then, at 3:30 pm (so we have time to sanitize in between groups) we will be congratulating our new ninth graders and welcoming them into the high school group!

Fret not, if we do not get approved for an in-person meeting, we will still be holding a school year kick-off event on the 13th, it will just take the form of a “Drive Thru” instead of a gathering. If we end up having to go this route, we will instead be hosting the drive through from 2-3 pm.

I will post a comprehensive set of rules prior to the meetings, and I will send them out to everyone as a resource. We will expect 100% cooperation, and we are prepared to send people home for the day if they do not abide by the rules.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone. If you plan on attending, please RSVP with me either by email (marshall@valleycommunity.org) or by text if you’ve got my number.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

-Marshall Lauck


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