Salutations Folks,

It’s been another week in 2020, that’s for dang sure. Blue skies transformed into a blanket of smoke in the matter of twenty-four hours. This week, be praying for all of the firefighters in Oregon, California, and Washington. Pray for rain.

I do have some good news for everyone, though. Session officially approved for Valley Youth to hold outdoor, in-person gatherings! So we are going to begin working on transitioning into being an in-person group again, although we will likely remain partially virtual for students who would rather not be social just yet.

Now I have some more bad news, potentially. We all know that smoke is clogging the air, and at the moment, we are only approved for outdoor gatherings. There is a very real possibility that we will have to postpone our Back-to-School Kick-Off by a week or so, due to the air quality. I will keep everyone posted. As of right now, we are continuing as though we will have our scheduled gathering on Sunday. We will decide on Saturday, depending on how much smoke is still in the air.

Otherwise, middle school will meet this Sunday, the thirteenth, at 1:30 and be dismissed at 3 pm. Then the staff and volunteers will take 30 minutes to sanitize everything. Then, at 3:30 pm, the high schoolers will meet. They will be dismissed at 5 pm.

Pray, pray, pray everyone, and stay indoors as much as possible! Really holding on to hope that we can meet on Sunday!

By the way, RSVP if you haven’t yet!

And tell us what you’re doing for fun! I finished building my gaming pc, so I’ve been playing video games with my brother and friends. I also got The Sims 4 for Hayley, and she’s been having a lot of fun playing that. Share in the comments!

Thank you,
Marshall Lauck


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