Hello Everyone!

I hope you relished the rain as much as I did. It’s lovely to see our air quality rated as “good” again. The fires are not gone however, and much of the west coast remains afflicted. Continue praying and otherwise supporting firefighters and all affected persons.

That being said, the improved air quality means that Valley Youth is cleared to have our first socially-distanced, in-person gathering! I will be sharing our procedures and rules below. If everyone is careful and abides by our guidelines, we will be able to have a fun, safe get-together. This also opens the door to continued socially-distanced gatherings. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for it!

Here’s the schedule for tomorrow:
-Middle School: 1:30 pm-3:00 pm
-30 minute cleaning/sanitizing
-High School: 3:30 pm-5:00 pm

Here are the guidelines, please read carefully:

Covid-19 Operating Guidelines for Valley Youth

Communicable Disease Management Plan:

  1. If any students, staff, or volunteers are confirmed to have contracted Covid-19, contact Oregon Health Authority.

-Washington County Health Care Resource Line 503-846-8851

-Communicable Disease and Animal Bite Reporting 503-846-3594

2. Valley Youth will require all students, staff, and volunteers to sign in and note the time, and to sign out and note the time. Students will be asked to confirm who dropped them off/will pick them up for the sake of contact tracing. 

-Clean/Dirty pen receptacles will be available at check-in. Pens will be sanitized after each event.

-Check-in table will be located outside of the youth house.

3. Students will be asked to confirm that they are not experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 prior to being allowed entry to events. 

-Symptoms screened will include:

-New or worsening cough



-New or worsening shortness of breath

-Muscle aches


-Sore throat


-Runny nose

4. Valley Youth will require that any students, staff, or volunteers who exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19 abstain from attending group in person for a period of fourteen days, or until receiving a negative test result. 

5. Students, staff, and volunteers will be required to abstain from attending group for fourteen days if they are confirmed to have come into contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19.

6. Students, staff, and volunteers who have family members who exhibit symptoms of Covid-19 will be asked to abstain from attending group for a period of fourteen days.

7. OHA will be consulted regarding cleaning and possible closure if any student, staff, or volunteer tests positive for Covid-19.

8. Hand washing and sanitizing stations will be made available for students, staff, and volunteers. Gloves will also be provided.

9. Facilities will be sanitized before, in between, and after middle and high school events.

10. Groups will be limited to groups of ten, not including staff or volunteers. If a group grows larger than ten students, it will be split and one group will be moved to a second location. (Front lawn or back patio)

11. Youth group will meet outside. The interior of the Youth House will only be available for bathroom usage. 

Rules for Students, Staff, and Volunteers Attending Youth Group

  1. All students, staff, and volunteers must sign in and out.
  2. Face masks are required to be worn over the mouth and nose at all times.
  3. Students, volunteers, and staff must abide by any signs or social distancing indicators/floor markings. 
  4. Interior of the youth house will be open for bathroom usage only.
  5. Bathrooms will be limited to one person at a time.
  6. No food allowed.
  7. Students, staff, and volunteers may bring their own water bottles.

As long as we all follow these guidelines, we ought to be able to have a fun, safe meeting!

I look forward to seeing you all there!
-Marshall Lauck


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